Lauren’s style to teaching yoga emphasizes the value of each individual’s unique journey & perspective. Her yogini Sanskrit name, Liilavati sums up her philosophy of yoga and life, translating to; expression of the cosmic dance or simply stated as divine play. With a, 'If you're not having fun you're not doing it right!' kind of attitude, her greatest goal is to welcome everyBODY to the blissfull practice of yoga.

With her background in running, she has a strong understanding of overall health, fitness and body awareness. It was through competitive long distance training that she first discovered her love of yoga for the physical support and balance it provided to an active lifestyle along with the philosophy and spirituality that seemed to keep providing gems of knowledge and clarity.

She received her 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification through Yoga Alliance in 2011 in Eugene Oregon where she studied through the Tai Chi Yoga Center, focusing primarily on Ananda Marga ‘Path of Bliss’ Meditation & Hatha Yoga. She has continued her studies with many international programs giving her a diverse and varied set of skills to share with students, including; Esalen Institute’s Advanced Yoga & Psychology training, as well as being certified in Thai Yoga Therapy from White Lotus Foundation, SUP YOLI  (stand up paddle board yoga) and Shakti Yoga as well as Goddess Rising Moon Priestess Facilitator training

Her passion in for life long learning and continuing education in movement practices brings a constant source of freshness to her own practice and her students. 

She  currently teaches all over the central coast, sharing a broad spectrum of styles including, hatha, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, restorative & meditation classes. Pulling from her diverse background of training, she strives to meet each individual student’s needs right where they are. She will curate a fun, balanced, inspiring practice to help break through to new levels of personal growth as well as help elevate each person’s overall health & wellness guiding them in the process to help empower each student’s inner teacher, optimal health and life.

When not found on the mat you can find Lauren loving life with friends and family, traveling, running, hiking, creating artwork and jewelry, hanging with her beloved pup Izzy & cat Meo, exploring the beautiful diversity of this world; which are all a constant source of inspiration and flow in her life!

Life should be lived as play!
— Love, Lauren